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21 February 2013 @ 08:52 pm
happy burfdaaaaaiiiii mavis!  
i know these fics are late but i hope you enjoy! even tho one is sad :( but i'm an ANGSTY CHILD OKKKKK hope ya like it and happy birthday again <3 :D


buried love
1061 words

author's note: i don't want to be a downpour but angst is building up in me girl! hope it breaks your heart in a beautiful way i guess? i'm horrible lol :(


he approaches the table with such swift grace, movements flowing so perfectly, it's almost as if his very movements were planned beforehand. you wonder if he ever came to know. to be aware of your growing emotions for him. how your heart soars to the moon with the very look of his eyes focused on yours. you mostly wonder however, if he ever came to feel the same exact way.

the chair legs scrape hard against the tiled floor as he tries to sit down and fill the lonesome space seated in front of you minutes before. he doesn't look any different from when you last saw him some months ago. you want to feel his skin against the soft exterior of your palm. you want to rub all the tiredness that is all too evident in his eyes no matter how much he would try to deny that he was. your heart constricts in your chest, feeling suddenly tight. you have the need to start crying, your heart wanting so badly to breathe air again. but you don't want to look like a whiny bitch on her period, abruptly crying when he just got here.

mavis, you whisper to yourself, don't you dare let a tear slide down your cheeks.

he smiles so brightly at you, saying something about how long it's been, you look great, is that a new haircut, but you practically can't hear him because you are too busy gazing at his lips. his lips move as gracefully as he does. you start to question whether or not such perfection exists in this cruel world.

he stops at a questioning tone, creating silence for you to answer. you nod dumbly, wanting him to shut up so badly so you can just take a moment to take one last glance at something you can never have.

he gazes down at the coffee you don't remember him ordering, and he looks like he's drowning too much in his thoughts. ten thousand and one questions float around in your mind, but one remains planted behind your tongue. did you ever know?

zayn, you whisper softly, just to hear that beloved name just one last time on your lips. he looks up slowly, with piercing eyes that can make even the devil stutter in his presence. you get lost in his eyes, swimming in endless oceans of dark brown. the sudden aroma of cimmamon hits your nostrils just then, and an arm places a cimmamon latte you supposedly ordered. you look up at the waiter and smile, and he smiles back, eyes trying to say nice date, while speaking no words. you want to yell at him, i know my date is charming, and brag to everyone on the every face of this earth when you realize he's not a date, he's simply a friend, what he'll always be.

your fingers circle around the warm beverage, providing your fingers a warmth zayn should be providing. you stare into the liquid, wanting it to cleanse you inside and start new.

zayn then chooses the perfect moment to say, my girlfriend and i are getting married.

married. married. married. connected by a small silver band placed on a ring finger. bonded together, forever. the word circles around in your head. forever. married. gone forever.

your head pounds almost as badly as your heart, both threatening you to speak, to justify, to deny. your fingers grip the cimmamon latte so tightly your knuckles turn whiter than your skin. you're surprised the cup didn't break and spill all over both you and him, creating a mess almost as bad as the one between you two.

tears sting behind your eyes, and your grip on the latte relaxes slightly, your fingers circling the drink, in search for any comfort. clearing your throat, you manage to congraulate him, all the while staring hard at your drink.

mavis, he says surely, look at me. an easy command, but not when you're on the verge of tears, and trying to hide everything buried under your heart.

your eyes travel up slowly, taking in his whole body. you stop when you reach his eyes, a brick stopping your journey. mavis, are you alright with this? he asks, and for an instant it looks somewhat like a plea of help. you think that maybe he wants you to say no, i am not alright. maybe he wants you to throw everything aside and kiss him senseless, love overpowering the air. maybe - you've been stuck with the word too long, it sickens you to even say it.

no turning back at this point. it is a fear you have to get over with, like when you first sing in front of a crowd, wanting loving applauses not questioning looks. that's half of what you want, his love, but come with the circumstances, you want his happiness also, but it is an impossibility for you to provide it. the minute zayn will be stuck with you, your lives will be a living hell, filled with harsh gossip, judgement, exclusion. you've acknowledged this multiple times - so much it's been planted into your head.

while you bore his eyes into his, you whisper softly, of course it's fine with me. you smile, and it seems to convince him, for he smiles back at you. through all the years you've been by his side, he could never tell when you were lying.

his smile reaches his ears, and you realize that this is the only way you can grant him happiness. by letting him go.

he excuses himself and goes to the washroom. you exhale, letting all the breath you didn't even realize you were holding, out. the love you feel for him, has to be buried and forgotten. buried under your own happiness, which is his happiness. you declare you won't ever dig it up again. never again in your life. a soft sob goes through your body as you finally let it all go.

a small thought waves around in your head, did he feel the exact same way? you block out the thought, wanting to come free of pain.

while you cry painfully, you miss the slight tear that falls peacefully down zayn's face as he watches you from afar, and the inaudable whisper that slips from his lips,



baking ain't your forte
736 words

author's note: because i made you sad, here's something cute and fluffy that will (hopefuly) cheer you up... :D <3


zayn cursed as he tried to scratch his leg with his elbow. whipped cream lay atop his cheekbones, and powdered sugar made its mark on his nose. he whined aloud, thinking this was a bad idea and wondering why he ever listened to harry's ideas in the first place. the kitchen counters were barely visible underneath the multiple trays and bags of flour, and some things zayn didn't recall putting there. he cursed again, remarking that harry was lucky he went out on a date today or he would've choked him to a pulp.

okay, so it isn't entirely harry's fault that zayn lacked the ability to bake. but that wasn't his own fault either. it was mavis’ fault for liking cute little baked treats, and zayn wished she liked instant noodles instead considering it was all he could cook. but no, mavis was all fluffy and happy and filled to her hairline with smiles. and food that could make you feel like mavis, was sweet pastries.


zayn feels like pulling his hair out - and he would if he didn't have flour all over his hands - when he checks the oven and something unknown meets his eye. the first thought that skids around in his mind is, what was he even trying to make in the first place? the second being, that is something that zayn malik did not make. he couldn't have made something so atrocious. it looked like he mixed all the bad things in the world and universe into one oven tray.

"this can't even be something a human made," he mutters to himself. "it looks like something an alien eats."

he frowns deeply when he compares his extraterrestrial cake to the picture of how the final product is supposed to look like. louis comes in through the door just then, back from the recording studio. as if he wanted zayn to melt into the core of the earth from embarrassment, he states, "what the hell is that zayn? is that even edible?" and shakes with uncontrollable laughter.

zayn is tempted to throw the burnt cake at him, but knows he doesn't want to pay for his insurance if he dies and doesn't want to be the cause of eleanor's annoying complains.

"you wanna try some?" zayn asks and faces louis with a death glare.

at the sight of his zayn giving him his scariest death glare, louis’ loud laughter quiets.

"no thanks, I'll pass." louis smirks and rushes to the bathroom to lock himself in and do some business. hey, it's not like louis asked to eat tacos earlier today, but it was free food. who doesn't like free food?

zayn scoffs, and throws his tray along with the unknown substance in it, into the sink. he could give it one last try, and prove to louis and the other members he could bake, and place a proud grin - and maybe a little kiss, just a little one - on mavis’ face.

"ahh seriously!" is spoken from the girl in zayn's thoughts, and zayn curses again, wanting her to come home later so he could at least bake something, anything, successfully for her.

mavis takes off her heels tiredly. she doesn't see zayn in the kitchen and heads straight to the bedroom and drops her bag.

"why does it smell like someone died here?" mavis exclaims, and giggles when he sees zayn in a hectic state, hair sticking up all over the place.

"that's louis in the bathroom and not me." zayn sighs and faces his girlfriend.

mavis laughs cutely at zayn's face. "what were you even trying to do?"

"bake something for you. you look so tired nowadays and I wanted to make you happy by doing something different. but that didn't work out." zayn frowns, and mavis can't help but laugh again, fatigue escaping her slowly.

"you make me happy for even trying," mavis smiles and kisses the flour off the corner of zayn's lips.

zayn smiles and pecks her, wrapping his strong arms around mavis’ tiny waist. mavis’ body vibrates with more laughter when she catches sight of the cake - if it could even be called that - in the sink. she grabs zayn's arms and unwraps them from her body.

"c'mon zaynie, I'll teach you how to bake without poisoning anyone," mavis giggles as zayn flushes a light shade of pink.